2013- present   Imago Foundation for the Arts Members' Exhibits (approx. 6 per                                 year)

2019                  Featured Artist, Imago Foundation for the Arts

2016                  Featured Artist, Imago Foundation for the Arts

2014                  Featured Artist, Imago Foundation for the Arts

2017                  Mystic Art Museum's juried exhibit "Not Art"

2013                  Newport Art Museum's juried Members' Exhibit

2012                  Barrington Public Library

2010                  Starbucks, Barrington


2014                   Warren Town Hall exhibition of local artists

2013-present     Law Offices of Susan Cook 

2021                 Developed and co-ordinated the 9-Layer Project where artists                                                                   throughout New England collaborate on a joint art piece created                                                           from 9  squares of canvas with 9 layers of paint, one layer from                                                                 each artist on each of the squares

2020.                  Co-founder of Quint Art, an Art Support and Exhibition                                                                            Development Group

2013- 2020          Secretary on Board of Imago Foundation for the Arts

2007- present     Founded Studio 107, a space established for artist to continue to                                                           grow through critique groups, classes, workshops and                                                                               collaborative projects and led workshops in encaustic art            

                            techniques and in the area of psychological self-awareness                                                                        through the use of the expressive arts for workshops, critique                             

2016                    Juror for statewide high school competition sponsored by the                                                                 Collaborative Gallery in Warren, RI

2007-2008           Developed and taught an art history capsule for middle and high                                                           school students


Anne Marie Rossi, AMR001@aol.com, Studio 107, 30 Cutler Street, Warren, RI 02885