Anne Marie earned a Certificate in Drawing and Painting from Rhode Island School of Design in 2009.  Since 2013, she has exhibited works at Imago Gallery in Warren. Rhode Island.  Her works have also been exhibited at Mystic Art Museum's 2017 juried show “Not Art,” the Newport Art Museum’s 2013 Juried Members’ Exhibit, Warren Town Hall’s exhibition of local artists and at several local establishments including the law offices of Susan Cook, the Barrington Public Library and Starbucks.  In addition to showing her work, Anne Marie has curated three local shows, founded studio 107, a group for established artists to continue to grow as artists through critique groups, classes and collaborative art projects; developed and led workshops on encaustic art techniques and in the area of psychological self-awareness through use of the expressive arts. She also developed and taught an art history capsule for middle and high school students and juried a statewide high school competition in 2016 sponsored by the Collaborative Gallery in Warren, RI.   Anne Marie has also been featured in the Providence Journal as an artist of local interest.  


I did not take up a brush, charcoal or even a pastel stick until after  a career in law and an abandoned attempt to become a holistic counselor.  It was my frustration with not being able to draw the images that I was working with in practice that led me to study painting and drawing at the Rhode Island School of Design. It was there, in 2003, that I fell in love with drawing and painting.   


Since then, I have become a member of Imago Foundation for the Arts in Warren, Rhode Island, where I have acted as Secretary for the past five years.  I am also a member of the Newport and Bristol Art Museums.  I have curated several local art shows, and acted as juror for a local co-operative gallery. I exhibit my art regularly at  Imago and have also exhibited at several other local venues. 

My work is an extension of my belief that everything is connected with, and sustained by, an energetic and creative life force.  It is that very relationship between nature and humanity, consciousness and unconsciousness, matter and anti-matter that is the nexus of my work


I use various methodologies to enhance my creative process. Oil, cold wax and encaustic are my primary media because the fluidity and translucency of these media lend themselves easily to my exploration of our visceral connections to each other and to everything else.  I also create ink and charcoal drawings, mixed-media pieces, and dabble in various forms of 3-D assemblages.  My goal is to create a feeling of communion amongst us and with the life force that sustains us. 


Anne Marie Rossi,, Studio 107, 30 Cutler Street, Warren, RI 02885