Oil and cold wax on wood panel

The pieces which are part of the Becomings Exhibit represent my exploration of the kind of change which leads to transformation.  I mean to celebrate growth and its trajectory —change, not in pursuit of rigid rules or goals, but as a result of the practice and process of being present to what the painting needs to move to the next level of complexity.


To that end, each piece is multilayered and abstract.  I combine color, line and shape to create the sensation of something appearing out of nothing and then changing into something else depending on the angle of view or the direction of focus.


 I also intentionally leave some of the original color, shape or line unimpeded while at the same time obliterating or changing other portions of the work by applying layers of transparent color or pattern.  This process is repeated over and over again until the painting  has been transformed into a finished piece.  How do I determine if it is finished?  I am looking for evidence of the process.  Is it greater than it was? Has it gained depth and complexity?   


Anne Marie Rossi,, Studio 107, 30 Cutler Street, Warren, RI 02885